Review Course Section Quiz 06

SQ 6.1     A 5 lbm system was taken from 50°F to 150°F. How much energy in the form of heat was added to the system to produce this temperature increase? Cp = 1.6 Btu/(lbm-°F)
SQ 6.2     During a phase change, the specific entropy of a 20 lbm system increases from 0.31 Btu/lbm-°R to 1.61 Btu/lbm-°R while the temperature of the substance is a constant 212°F. Find the heat transfer into this system.
SQ 6.3     What is the maximum possible cycle efficiency of a heat engine operating between a heat source at 400°F and a heat sink at 32°F?
SQ 6.4     What is the total Heat Transfer through a 20 ft x 8 ft section of glass at 2:00pm in July and an outdoor temperature of 100°F? The glass is ¼” thick with a ½” air space. The building has an interior temperature of 72°F. U = 0.61 Btu/(hr-ft2-°F), SC = 0.77, SHGFmax = 69, CLF = 0.50

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