Review Course Section Quiz 02

SQ 2.1     In the wall shown, what is the resultant force in member BD?

Statics 1
SQ 2.2     Stress is the ratio of applied load to the cross-sectional area of an element in tension. What is the stress in a 1” x 3” steel bar subjected to an axial load of 75 kips?
SQ 2.3     What is the normal stress in a 3” diameter A36 steel rod subjected to a load of 50 kips?
SQ 2.4     Which of the following is not a factor that affects Fatigue Life:
SQ 2.5     A spring subjected to a 250 lb. load stretches 10.75 inches. What is the spring constant?
SQ 2.6     Determine the average shearing stress in a 1” A325F bolt subjected to a 45 kip load.

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