Review Course Section Quiz 01

SQ 1.1     Which of the following is not a method of heat transfer:
SQ 1.2     Equivalent Uniform Annual Cost: EUAC = (Initial Cost x __________) + Annual Fixed Costs
SQ 1.3     In Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, the amount of delay which can be assigned to any one activity without delaying subsequent activities or restricting the scheduling of preceding activities is known as:
SQ 1.4     On engineering drawings, a line drawn with alternately long- and short-dashed lines typically represents a ___________.
SQ 1.5     An electrical system has an Apparent Power of 27.4 VA and a Reactive Power of 12.2 VAR. What is the Real Power (watts) in this system?

Power Factor
SQ 1.6     The airflow required to heat a room is 2,500 cfm. If the heating coil temperature difference is 50°F, what is the required heating coil capacity in kilowatts?

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